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Commonly used hot map drilling type garment accessories
2019/5/24 16:37:00

With the progress of society, great improvement obtained people's life. Gradually, people's material requirements also increased. Now the society, is no longer just the pursuit of full meal clothed, three meals a day night life.

People in the twenty-first Century, to eat, to eat delicious; life activities, to use the handy; lived in a house, to live in a beautiful dress, to wear the style. To make a long story short, the people pursuit to life in the 21 world completely reached a new height.

People go out in the outside, what is most important, is the dress. As the saying goes that, clothes make the man, Buddha by gold. The people of the clothing demand in the 21 world, also reached a new height. An arithmetic problem is very simple, there are 7000000000 population in the world now, each a set of clothes, that is, 7000000000 sets of clothes. 7000000000 sets of clothes, this is not an ordinary digital concept. If the 70 sets of clothes all the Chinese manufacturing, the Chinese economy could quadruple. Moreover, clothing production also is not to say that a very simple thing, clothing production involves a number of industries, garment accessories industry is among them one of the largest industrial links.

The pursuit of individuality in the pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of fashion, age, clothing accessories is one of the essential necessities of clothing. A variety of beautiful, fashionable, dazzling clothing accessories created arena brilliant wind color, creating a colorful beautiful scenery high streets and back lanes.

Garment accessories, accessories always cannot do without hot map. Hot, is the use of thermal transfer printing materials such as hot drilling, hot chip and other materials form a certain pattern, often use hot paper as the transfer film by pressing machine, hot on the clothing and the decoration pattern. A piece of clothing on the beautiful patterns, is through caldo caldo, can be produced, is an important link of clothing.

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