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Biggest Accessories Return in Spring/Summer
2019/5/24 0:31:50

For this spring-and-summer, the hottest jewellery trends are those in bold! From dripping elements, sparkling crystals to '80s hearts and seashells galore, we are seeing lots of vivid, playful and exaggerated accessories adding fun to your wardrobe, spicing up your summery looks.


Bling It On

From party-ready earrings to bling-bling bracelets and necklaces, we saw dripping crystal jewellery ruling the S/S 2019 runway shows, this dazzlingly nostalgic trend is nothing but “extra”.

Modern Pearls

The classic pearl pieces are getting a refreshing twist, either delicate hoops, ear cuffs, or sculptural bracelets, all look modern and demure, taking pearls to the next level.

‘80s Hearts

The '80s-inspired giant, chunky and oversized heart-shaped pieces completely go viral that you cannot miss at all!

By The Sea

The shell jewellery is still in vogue; especially when the summer drawing near, this heavenly match is sure to linger for a little longer.

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